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Listen to Freddie
Despite 18 years of experience working at a Florida fishing camp, Freddie Padgett was afraid of water. So much so that he wore a life jacket to bed on stormy nights, just in case a tornado picked him up and dropped him in the lake. Too paranoid for description? Well, Padgett, sleeping inside a recreational vehicle near Geneva, was blown into Lake Harney by a tornado spawned by the recent string of thunderstorms vexing central Florida. He was spotted several hours later by a sheriff’s helicopter a mile away from his RV, still floating. He suffered broken ribs and other injuries, but the life jacket probably saved his life, authorities say — especially considering the fact that another man at the fishing camp, also torn from his RV, has not yet been found. (UPI) ...To be forever remembered at the camp as “the big one who got away.”
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