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Home Sweet Home
Just three weeks after Adam Garcia moved into his roommate’s house in Carlingford, NSW, Australia, he and his new landlord, Matthew Eyles, 22, had a dispute over the rent. When Garcia came home, Eyles allegedly punched him in the head, put a chain around his neck and padlocked him to a pole on the patio. Later, Garcia says, Eyles moved him to the basement. A day after the ordeal began Garcia found a piece of hacksaw blade and spent nine hours sawing on the chain before he freed himself. When police arrived at the house with a search warrant, they say, Eyles hadn’t even realized that Garcia had escaped. He has been charged with aggravated kidnaping. (Sydney Telegraph) ...Don’t worry, Matt: Adam will keep an eye on your place for the next 8–12 years.
Available in This is True: Book Collection Vol. 10

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