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Gun Fun
Police in Sterling Heights, Mich., report that a man who kept a loaded .38-caliber revolver in his bed managed to roll over on it, causing it to discharge and shoot him in the penis. “He heard a loud noise about 1:00 a.m. which woke him up,” a police spokesman said. “All I can say is that’s one heckuva way to wake up.” The man was released from a hospital after getting 16 stitches. Meanwhile, a woman in a Cincinnati bingo parlor went to the restroom. When she pulled down her pants, a gun “fell out of her underwear, hit the floor, and discharged,” shooting her in the leg, police said. She was treated and released by a hospital, then arrested for carrying a concealed weapon. (UPI, AP) ...If you can afford a gun, you should be able to afford a holster.
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