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Bottle Babies
The “Biosphere 2” closed environment experiment was a trial in more ways than one, says one of the participants. The eight scientists sealed inside the closed dome for two years also did psychological experiments — at least, unofficially. Food shortages were common, so “food distribution became a very tense issue,” said botanist Linda Leigh. “Some of us would sometimes hand out portions that were purposely uneven to see if the first people served would take the biggest ones or would try to even it out among the others,” she said. “In looking back, I guess it’s pretty remarkable all eight of us came out alive.” Did they learn anything? “I hope we have learned something from it,” she said. “If we ever all start talking to each other, that would be a major accomplishment.” (AP) ...Yeah, but then you’d have to tell them about the — oh, never mind.
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