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Face the Music III
While performing in a musical in a community theater, Jay Meisenhelder “fell in love” with a fellow actress. She is 16. “I’m 53-years-old, and believe me, I know what love is,” he wrote her in an e-mail. “I love you as I have only loved two other women in my life.” He also met the girl for a candle-lit music session. When his boss found out about the e-mail, apparently sent from work, and the meeting, Meisenhelder was fired from his job — as the Marion County, Ind., deputy prosecutor and assistant chief of the sex crimes division. Meisenhelder, who is married, insists “nothing I did was illegal.” His lawyer agrees: Meisenhelder was just “expressing a fantasy,” attorney Roberta Ross says. “What they essentially chose to do was take an excellent eight-year employee who lived and breathed and loved his job and dramatically overreacted.” (Indianapolis Star) ...Yes, well, his breathing just got too heavy for the public to stomach.
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