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Throw the Book at Him
A patrolling police officer in Syracuse, N.Y., saw a car run a stop sign and tried to pull it over. But the driver ran, sparking a pursuit. During the 10-minute chase, the driver threw a backpack out of his window. Officers decided to stop the pursuit because it was getting too dangerous, as the man was driving on sidewalks and going the wrong way against traffic. Thinking he was safe, the driver then pulled over — and was quickly surrounded and arrested since a sheriff’s helicopter was keeping tabs on him. The backpack was recovered. Why did Byron Haynes, 36, run? He had just stolen some books from the library, police allege. Sure enough, the recovered backpack revealed four books, none of which had been checked out. (Syracuse Post-Standard, AP) ...Your task: figure out what the books were.
Available in This is True: Book Collection Vol. 11

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