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You’re in a Heap of Trouble, Boy
Calling it “a clear violation” of South Carolina’s decency law, Lance Cpl. Kevin Cusack let Patti Redden off with a warning. A sticker in her car’s back window, which featured a drawing of Calvin of “Calvin and Hobbes” comic fame urinating on the letters “IRS”, was the offending infringement, the highway patrolman said. Chilled by the threat of arrest, “I went ahead and took it off then because I didn’t want to get stopped again,” Redden told reporters. The drawing’s First Amendment charm was lost on lawyers from the Universal Press Syndicate, which distributes the comic. “We say more power to the South Carolina Highway Patrol,” attorney Tom Gill said. (AP) ...The IRS must love it; who needs “jack-booted thugs” when you have media attorneys denouncing political parody?
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