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Dopey Desperado II
Stereo store technicians installing a car stereo in Orem, Utah, found a bag of marijuana in the customer’s car and called the police. Officer Ryan Porter confronted the customer and asked if he knew why he was called. “The suspect hung his head and said, ‘It’s about the bicycle I just stole from in front of Media Play, isn’t it?’,” a police spokesman recounted. “Yes, that. And?” Porter replied. “It’s about the marijuana pipe I have in my truck, right?” Porter again replied, “Yes, that. And?” The 19-year-old man, whose name was not reported, said he couldn’t think of anything else, so Porter reminded him about the pot in the car and cited him for all three crimes. (Salt Lake Tribune) ...It’s a good thing the guy had a bad memory or they could have been there all day.
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