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Naaaat a Believer
Jehovah’s Witness Kenneth Hawthorn was doorknocking — proselytizing — in rural Paracombe, South Australia, when he called on a farm. Ignoring the “Private — Keep Out” sign, he pushed through a gate and was confronted by a 4-year-old ram by the name of “Shit for Brains”. He tried to defend himself using a briefcase full of Bibles but was knocked down, fracturing his leg. Hawthorn sued the homeowners, Ronald and Julie Goldfinch, claiming the couple should have warned visitors the ram was a “dangerous and ferocious animal.” He also named the Adelaide Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses in the suit, claiming the church “failed to provide proper instructions about doorknocking in rural areas.” He claims “his capacity to enjoy life has permanently diminished.” (Melbourne Herald Sun) ...“And you shall slaughter the ram and shall take its blood and sprinkle it around on the altar.” —Exodus 29:16
Available in This is True: Book Collection Vol. 9

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