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Overnight Parking
Colin O’Neill, 44, of Denmead, England, freely admits it. He broke the law. Repeatedly. It all started when he parked for two hours in a space marked with a 30-minute limit, costing him a 30-pound (US$43) fine. When he got the ticket, he found he really liked the traffic warden, Doris Lemon, 43. “One of the things that attracted me to Doris was that she was very strict and heavy handed,” O’Neill admits. “The other was her uniform.” He therefore parked illegally for two weeks in hopes of attracting her back to his car. It worked: they’re now married. However, she says, there will be no special treatment for her husband. “He has to stick by the rules,” she told a newspaper. “He’ll still get a ticket if he misbehaves.” (PA) ...Stop it! You’re getting him excited.
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