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Last of the Romantics
Ray Vogt, 42, of Albany, N.Y., gave his 43-year-old girlfriend a special evening complete with candles, wine and a bubble bath. During the bath, he told her to close her eyes for a surprise. But she opened them quickly when she heard him turn on her blow dryer and toss it into the tub with her. Thanks to the GFI plug in the bathroom the power shut off and she was not electrocuted, so Vogt tried to strangle her, telling her “it’ll only take a minute.” She escaped and called police. Vogt’s motive: he was having an affair with his girlfriend’s 15-year-old niece. He pleaded guilty to attempted murder and was sentenced to 18 years in prison. The woman, who was not named by the press, said she had lived with Vogt for 11 years, and thought of him as her husband. (AP) ...Consider that a divorce.
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