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Do As We Say, Not As We Do — Part 7,147
The city of Jonesboro, Ark., rented a vacant fire station to the “advocacy” group Northeast Arkansans for Animals. But after the group moved out the city had a hard time ridding the building of terrible smells. Then city workers figured out why: the group had accidentally left a freezer behind. Inside were three trash bags filled with dead animals. NAFA Executive Director Wannda Turner blamed the city for the problem. “I am shocked the city did not inform us that the freezer was still there,” she told reporters. Turner defended putting the bodies in the freezer. “Freezing them is the most humane thing you can do,” she said. “We didn’t want to just leave them in the road to be run over.” After all, she added, “You can’t just put them in your trash.” The animals were kept in the freezer until they could be hauled to the dump, but “there just hasn’t been anyone to take them” to the dump since “we’re all just volunteers.” (Jonesboro Sun) ...That’s the best ad promoting the spaying and neutering of pets I’ve ever seen.
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