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True Love
Charlotte Ann Neely White, 55, of Pierce City, Mo., was getting ready for her wedding when a car came to a screeching halt in front of her house. The driver claimed he had a bomb and demanded Neely-White’s pickup or he’d blow up the house. “I said, ‘No sir, you go ahead and set the bomb off,” remembers Neely-White. “My house needs work anyway.” When the man jumped her, she called for her fiance to go get her gun. The intruder tried to grab it, and while she fought him the weapon went off, shooting him in the chest. The wounded intruder got the gun, ran out, and tried to get in Neely-White’s pickup as she started hitting him over the head with a shovel. He got away in the vehicle anyway, racing through town blaring the horn and waving an American flag. Doing so led police right to him, and Jorge Luis Cecenas, 30, was quickly arrested and charged with several felonies. “The wedding went on,” Neely-White said. She also explained why she was so ferocious in defending her pickup: “Have you ever had anything you really love? Well I love that truck.” (Kansas City Star) ...And her new husband hopes she’d fight even half that hard for him.
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