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by Randy Cassingham

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Angel’s Food
When John O’Neill of Monona, Wisc., tried to order a cake with “a slightly off-color slogan” on it, the bakery refused. “I didn’t like being censored by a bakery,” he said, so he started his own baking business, The Naughty Baker. That was 15 years ago, and he’s learned a few things about people in that time. Women, for instance, have no problem buying cakes shaped as naked females for their husband’s parties, but men will almost never order naked men cakes. “It’s like — jeez, are they threatened by a cake?” O’Neill wonders. “We’ve done cakes that would embarrass a biker,” he says, but there is one place where he draws the line. “I don’t do flowers. They can go anywhere else and get a cake with flowers on it.” (AP) ...No flowered cakes, only deflowered ones.
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