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by Randy Cassingham

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“Old man, I’ve got you now,” said a robber holding up an Albany, Ga., car dealership. He was talking to owner Oran McGlamry, 74, and driving the point home with a revolver. But McGlamry replied, “No you don’t” and fought back: he had a weed trimmer handy, and brandished it as he chased after the surprised robber. The gunman fell down, which gave McGlamry the chance to throttle the weed whacker to full power and jam it on his assailant’s buttocks. Jason Gordon, 17, was apprehended and charged with armed robbery, aggravated assault, and carrying a concealed weapon without a license. Police are sure they have their man: the suspect’s pants had cuts on the seat. (AP) ...Weed: an unwanted pest that crowds out its cultured neighbors. Yep, McGlamry followed the directions well.
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