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by Randy Cassingham

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Several years ago, someone called PPG Industries and offered to sell them trade secrets stolen from Owens Corning, their biggest competitor. Instead of buying, they called Corning and the FBI, and the thieves were arrested. Now, Corning has returned the favor, letting PPG know that a janitor in their building was trying to sell Corning PPG’s secrets. The Corning CEO received a letter noting “I Belive [sic] the PPG Finacial [sic] Statements Encloses [sic]. You might find of intrest [sic],” adding he could even supply “intimant [sic] details of PPG daily operations.” Patrick Worthing, 27, and his brother Daniel, 30, were arrested by the FBI. In court, Worthing listened to the charges as they were read, and pronounced them “all correct.” When told the two could get 10 years in prison $250,000 in fines, Worthing asked the judge, “If we, like, fully cooperate with all the details, is there, like, a lesser sentence?” (AP) ...Well, like, yeah, man, if, like, you promise to, like, you know, go to school and get a fourth-grade education while you’re, you know, there.
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